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National Mentoring Month January 2016: Mentoring Works!
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Talking it Through: Communication Skills for Mentors
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These training modules were developed by Jo Woodard, Director of the BCYMP 2004-2013. Jo passed away Sept. 9, 2013 after a long courageous battle with cancer. Your training and participation in the Brookings County Youth Mentoring Program continues Jo's legacy to provide and build one-on-one positive relationships with kids - one youth mentor at at time. When you have completed the training modules, contact Patty Bacon at We will then complete the process to finalize your application and match you with a student looking for a mentor.

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(Names of mentees have been changed)


I am just sending you this e-mail to let you know how Aaron and I are doing. We have been spending the summer months swimming, playing soccer, and just enjoying the weather outside. It is fun and we are enjoying our time off from school. Aaron keeps me pretty busy when we hang out because he is constantly creating games to play and is always looking forward to the next thing to do, so at least we are not bored. He still hasn't decided if he wants to go to Oakwood this year, so I will continue to persuade him and let you know if we decide to attend!

Jane and I have been doing some fun things lately. We went swimming at the Days Inn; we went window shopping down town. I am in the process of setting something up at the horse unit on campus so we can visit.

Also, we will be meeting occasionally through out the summer. Our goal for May/June is to plan a dinner party for her family. She will pick out the recipes, we will make a shopping list and budget our money, make formal invitations, and also prepare the meal together!

She is so excited to do this as am I! This is such a great experience for both of us that I am not ready to part ways yet.


Check out this quote from a mentee — someone maybe just like yours!

"From the start I was expected to lose. Everything I have right now is mostly because I defied what the world concluded about me before I could even speak a word in my defense. And my defense is that I am just as capable as any person to do great things. Like you, I think about all the things this world could achieve if only every child was given the right tools. Mentoring is the right tool and it is the way to the American Dream. To everyone here tonight, I hope you will promise to do everything you can to help make mentoring and the American Dream a reality for every child in this city and every other city in the country. It’s their best defense, too".  ~ Ean Garrett, Mentee at the MENTOR National Recognition Event

Check out this great email I received recently from one of our own BCYMP mentors!

"Took Jimmy ice fishing this weekend. We didn't catch anything but he seemed to have fun and we talked about patience and not getting discouraged so it was a success in my mind. He really seems to enjoy fishing."

"Helping a mentee build a character attribute like patience is no small thing. AND, he learned a skill! Jimmy, like all of us, will grow one asset at a time. Thank you, BCYMP Mentors! YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!"

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